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Solutions for creating robust, human readable acceptance tests for your .Net or CoreCLR system and a means to create "living" technical documentation.

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Executable Specifications

Traditional requirements documents consisting of a wall of "the system shall do this vaguely understood thing" prose can easily lead to project waste when developers, users, and testers all interpret the wording in different ways. To eliminate ambiguity in your requirements, use Storyteller to create detailed executable specifications.

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Robust Integration Testing for .Net

In a perfect world, you would love to have a good, reliable suite of automated regression tests in your software project. However, automating integration tests for complex software systems can be very difficult. See how Storyteller has been built to alleviate the typical problems you may have suffered in past attempts at large scale automated testing.

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Living Documentation Generation

Writing good documentation for your software product is hard work -- but all that hard work is all for naught if that documentation gets out of synch with your code as the product evolves. To address this issue, Storyteller helps you create and easily maintain "living documentation" that can keep up with the pace of your development. No more excuses for missing documentation.

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