Storyteller 5.1.0




Getting Started

Converting from Storyteller 3.0 to 4.0 Edit on GitHub

Converting 3.0 Xml Spec Files to 4.0 Markdown Spec Files

Storyteller 4.0 introduces a new standard, text based format for persisting specifications that can roughly be described as "Markdown with some Storyteller-specific stuff mixed in." See Working with the Specification Markdown for specifics on the new file format.

To convert your 3.0 specs to the new 4.0 format, run this command from the root of your Storyteller project:

dotnet storyteller convert

Or run the convert command from the StorytellerRunner.exe tool in the StorytellerRunnerCsproj Nuget if you're not using the dotnet CLI.

See Getting Started for more information on setting up the dotnet storyteller tool for your project.

Breaking Changes

Right now the only breaking API change is that Storyteller is using the Baseline version of Conversions, and the Storyteller IRuntimeConverter's are now registered against CellHandling. See Data Conversion within Specifications for more information.