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Embedding Storyteller Specifications Edit on GitHub

You can also embed Storyteller specifications into published StorytellerDocGen websites -- and that's used very heavily inside of Storyteller's own documentation.

The syntax within topic markdown files to embed specifications is this:

<[spec:Suite Name/Child Suite Name/Specification Title]>

To embed the results, use this directive:

<[spec-result:Assertions/Asserting Values]>

Setting it Up

There are just two requirements:

  1. You will need to execute your specifications and export the results to a JSON file where the documentation generation can find it (explained in the next section)
  2. Your topic pages will require some reference to a Bootstrap stylesheet and the embed.js script (also shown in all following section).

You will need to use a couple of the bundled client assets to render the specifications

Exporting Specifications and Their Results

To export the specifications, use the --dump flag to write the JSON representation of the specifications and Their results to a place where StorytellerDocGen can find them like this example:

dotnet storyteller run src/YourSpecificationProject --dump documentation/content/samples.specs.json

StorytellerDocGen will treat any file following the convention *.specs.json as a source of specifications data. Assuming that the specification paths are unique, there's nothing stopping you from using multiple *.spec.json files from different specification projects.

See dotnet storyteller run for more information on the command line usage.

Web Asset Requirements

If you use the dotnet stdocs new command to set up your documentation project, you'll get all of these assets set up for you in the layout.htm file. The two big requirements are to have some reference to Bootstrap like this:

<script type='text/javascript' src=""></script>

In order to render the Storyteller specifications and results, you will need a reference to this bundled script:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/content/embed.js"></script>

That script is the minimal subset of the Storyteller React.js application needed to do the rendering and displays.

Example of Embedding a Specification

The declaration <[spec:Assertions/Asserting Values]> will render this:

Example of Embedding Specification Results

The declaration <[spec-result:Assertions/Asserting Values]> will render this: