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If you want to quickly generate the skeleton of a documentation project, Storyteller comes with the dotnet stdocs seed (st doc-seed in Storyteller 3.*) command.

The first step is to write a file called outline.txt in your /documentation folder. Configure the topics in the order and structure you want with the right titles with a format like this (originally used to generate the documentation you are reading):

index:Storyteller for Executable Specifications and Living Documentation
system_under_test:Connecting Storyteller to the System under Test
language:Crafting the Specification Language
table_vs_flow:Table vs. Flow Based Testing
fixtures/context:Using the Specification Context
fixtures/state:State Management across Fixtures
grammars/actions:Carrying out Actions
grammars/facts:Asserting Facts
grammars/assertions:Asserting Values
grammars/paragraphs:'Macros' with Paragraph Grammars
grammars/decision_tables:Decision Tables
grammars/sets:Verifying a Set of Data
grammars/embedded_section:Embedded Sections
grammars/reusing:Reusing Grammars across Fixtures
grammars/currying:Currying Grammars for more Expressive Specifications
comments:Embedding Comments in Specifications
selection_lists:Selection Lists
system_state:Setting up System State
conversion:Data Conversion within Specifications
ui:The User Interface
ui/spec-explorer:The Specification Explorer
ui/spec-editor:The Specification Editor
performance:Performance Timing
instrumentation:Instrumenting Specification Execution
ci:Integration with Continuous Integration
docs:Living Documentation Generation
docs/navigation:Creating a Navigation Structure
docs/outlines:Topic Outlines
docs/topics:Topic Files
docs/samples:Embedding Code Samples
docs/theme:Documentation Theme
docs/running:Running the Documentation Website Locally
docs/export:Exporting the Documentation

Once you are happy with the order, run st doc-seed to create a shell of the topic files.

Right now this is a one way generation, but if there is demand (or better yet a pull request;-)), this could be extended to be bi-directional.

dotnet stdocs seedSeeds a topic file structure from an outline.txt file

dotnet stdocsseed [-d, --directory ] [-v, --version ] [-p, --project ] [-c, --code []]
[-d, --directory <directory>]The documentation directory. The default is 'documentation'
[-v, --version <version>]Override the application version. Default is 'Unknown'
[-p, --project <project>]GitHub project name when exporting to project pages of a GitHub repo
[-c, --code [<code1 code2 code3 ...>]]Override the directories where sample scanning should be enabled. Default is [src]