Storyteller 5.1.0


Validating Json Data


The Specification Lifecycle

Troubleshooting Storyteller Problems Edit on GitHub

Validating Specification Data

To troubleshoot specifications that might be missing required information or have missing Fixture's or Grammar's without actually executing the specifications, Storyteller 4.0 comes with a new extension to the old run command to documentation just that with the new --validate flag:

dotnet storyteller run --validate

If there are no missing fixtures, grammars, or cell values in any of your specifications, you'll get this message and the application will exit successfully:

No validation errors or missing data detected in this project

If Storyteller can detect any problems with the specifications, it will write out a textual report to the console output detailing all of the problems that it can find and the process will return and exit code of 1 to denote a failure.

System Startup Problems

Assuming that you're using Storyteller with the dotnet CLI, if Storyteller isn't able to start up your system (the dreaded "Recycle Failure" message in the UI), go to the command line at the root of your Storyteller specification project and type:

dotnet run -- test

The command above will try to bootstrap the system directly and report any problems to the console output.